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Types of wall frames for climbing plants From the lattice panels to the wall should be short . For this purpose, suitable old wooden spool . If the lighting is good enough , then the inner wall trellis you can attach flower pots or boxes . Regardless of this trellis or pergola, you can sit down for them shrubs or perennials . When using climbing plants are best positioned front pergolas . Optionally, you can make a cozy indoor area. To do this, densely to plant trellis with climbing plants . patio Surely you've heard about the patio. So called living under the open sky . The concept of " terrace " synonymous " patio " , so they almost can not be separated in their significance . Patio is usually intended to stay in the shade and cool plants. Area of ​​the selected sites must be at least 4 m As patio garden furniture presupposes at least four people, as well as free access to the garden . The main element of the device is to cover the patio dedicated site for it . Before you start building a patio in advance possible for the water flow. For this patio should be constructed at a slant . It is imperative that the slope was not arranged at the house and towards the garden or flower bed. Coatings are used for the construction of the same methods as in the device tracks ( see " Paths "). Building material here can be slabs, bricks , concrete, wood . During stakeout site should be used for patios beacons , ie, wooden pegs , the length of which corresponds to the thickness of the coating , as well as level . At 1 , 5 m from each other should be the goal beacons and align them with the necessary level to elevations . Moreover, clogging them up to the required depth , it should be noted , and thickness of the base layer of the solution . Lighthouses do not pull on the corners , until the end of the process , and all the rest is removed to the extent that will be laid as a base solution and plates . Begin laying should be in that place , which is the highest in relation to other places the site. The first plate is placed there, and the levels must be strictly stretched at right angles ( 90 °). Should not walk on the newly laid slabs to move , you can put them on the board with a thick stand. Svezhemoschenaya court shall periodically wetted . Pour it with water , and if it is on the sunny side , then cover the burlap sacking , or sawdust. After 3-4 hours , you can pour the solution into the gaps between the plates . Before that, you should use the rack level and verify the accuracy of stacking plates. We have already said that the site is necessary to ensure the drain . For this purpose it is necessary to dig the groove direction with a slope to the lowest level . You can bring them to a common drainage system. The grooves are made of reinforced concrete. With a minimum depth of 10-15 cm width of the grooves should be 40 cm Perfect decoration surface area for patio will be a mosaic, in which can be used as beautiful stones found during walks, pebbles or rock dust . Usually mosaic spread on the concrete solution. Plot site selected for paving , cover with varnish impregnated boards. Then draw a plan for full-size sheet of heavy paper. On the same sheet of lined pebbles to imagine how will look different color combinations , you conceived . After completing these simple requirements , you can begin to work.






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