children's science magazine comics  
Children's science magazine comics
children's science magazine comics
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Level 1 Class KG, 1, 2 5 to 8
Level 2 Class 3, 4 8 to 10
Level 3 Class 5, 6, 7 9 to 13
Garden trellis with diamond lattice. Before this device primarily trellis diagram draw his designs on earth. Then pieces of soft wood you will need to cut into longitudinal strips with a cross section of 25 x 6 mm, and put them on the diagonal parallel to each other so that the distance between them was 50-75 mm. Next, the same procedure should be repeated for the other diagonal direction. Where the strips intersect, hammer nails 12 mm. The ends of the nails on the back side of the panel should bend , not to jump out . Possible perimeter frame nailed to the fine grid for greater strength . Garden trellis more solid construction . First, make a blank c -section 25 x 25 mm, for panel -shaped square. Of them need to tie strap , docking them with half the thickness . After that you should cut the required length strips , aligning ends on a flat surface and lay them across each other. Joints exactly - but fasten with tape . Given the thickness mark trims . Then make cuts with a hacksaw with a fine tooth comb . From chisels select the tree , but please note that you need to choose a little, otherwise the timber to burst. Now you can assemble the panel joint lubricated with white glue . Thereafter, for extra strength fasten it one galvanized nail 25 mm. Trellis better removably attach to , if necessary, it can be effortlessly removed from walls without damaging the structure or plant. Thus, it is possible to arrange , securing the upper part of the hook and the bottom - on loops





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